10 Hints to Know a Horrible Driver! Just for your Safety!

Being a sloppy driver is not something that we should ignore. It’s completely negligent and unacceptable! Instead of ignoring all these driving lapses, we should all agree to do something about it and change. For your safety and knowledge, we will give you the best tips for knowing when someone is a terrible driver. We already know about the completely obvious stuff, like texting behind the wheel and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (absolutely typical and found as crude), however, what are the other signs?

10 Hints to Know a Horrible Driver! Just for your Safety!

The 10 Different Hints You Should Look Out For

1. Driving in a Bad Weather

There is a common rule that everyone should already find as common sense, “Wipers on, lights on”. When it’s raining it’s important to follow this rule. Of course, there are times when you can see just fine, but if a driver can’t follow one simple rule, clearly he is a bad driver.

Of course, ignoring his safety and of others just because he is able to see through ‘a little downpour’, is totally reckless!

2. Driving with Uncertainty

This can get very dangerous and is one of the reasons why there are some accidents. Of course, it’s not always that drivers should just keep on going. What I mean is that, if drivers hesitate and keep on changing minds while driving, it is going to confuse other motorists. Changing directions, aborting a lane change, accelerating and decelerating on entrance ramps, quick stop then zooms! All of these signs and more.

Keeping on doing unpredictable moves when driving will end up having a car bump in behind you.

Road accidents caused by violations of irresponsible drivers.

Road accidents caused by violations of irresponsible drivers.

3. Unpredictable Driving

This is somehow similar to the hesitating driver, but this time he is not changing his mind or anything like that. It’s just that his driving rhythm is never the same, and this makes it difficult for other motorists because they don’t know what to expect. Sudden pressing on the brakes, speeding up and then suddenly slowing down. Wherever you go, try not to drive next to a driver like this.

4. The Turn Signal

This is annoying beyond relief. Turn Signals are there for a reason. It is an alert indicating to the drivers behind, on the next direction the front car is taking. Abrupt changing of the signal when you are about to turn or change lane could lead to fatal accidents. Always alert the turn signal seconds before you make the turn or change lane to prepare the motorists at your back to adjust.

5. The Highway Brakes

This is absolutely something that drivers should never ever do. Braking on a highway? Drivers are supposed to be watching the motorists around and see what he’s supposed to do, go with the rhythm and not suddenly stop! Motorists tend to run fast on a highway. High chances of fatal accidents could happen when you do that.

An example of traffic violation caused by horrible drivers.

An example of traffic violation caused by horrible drivers.

6. The Turn-Only Lane

This is part of the basic rules if it’s a turn-only lane, drivers are supposed to turn and not drive straight through! All should avoid this so not to start traffic. Even worse is trying to take a turn when in the center lane, it’s completely annoying for those who are also trying to turn. This is awfully a combination of a poor planner, inconsiderate to others, or simply unmindful in keeping attention on what is going on around.

Because of course, the rules don’t really matter, do they? Seriously?

7. A driver who consistently change lanes!

If you think it can’t get any more annoying, you’re wrong. People who are always changing the lanes are those who just don’t understand how it’s supposed to work. Slowing down on the highway and wait for someone to clear the way as if waiting for a red carpet to be there. Stopping in the middle of changing lanes, staying there and blocking other vehicles. If wanting to get to a lane, go to it, not just stay in a spot for a long while. Try thinking about others for once instead.

It's really not that difficult to stay in the lane that you’re supposed to stay in. It will only take a little patience and good planning.

8. The Turn-Braker

Curves are already as dangerous as can be, and when you break in the middle of a curve what in the word could be thinking! If you want to lose control over your car as horribly as you can especially when it’s raining or snowing, then all you have to do is break during a curve. They teach you this in driving school!

Accidents happen when there is less focus on traffic rules caused by horrible drivers.

Accidents happen when there is less focus on traffic rules caused by horrible drivers.

9. Braking in Panic Mode

This mostly applies to those who have just recently finished driving school or those who are just overly paranoid, but if you suddenly break in such a small situation you might cause an accident! Suddenly stepping on the breaks so hard that you make the other drivers panic from behind you! Never drive with anyone like this. You can drag other drivers to accidents.

10. Ignoring the Truck

When there’s a truck on the road you might feel a slight fear, after all, they could fall at any moment or lose their track. So when driving, you’re supposed to help give way to the truck, not zoom by or merge on the highway completely ignoring the truck is there in the first place! That’s not being brave, that’s being stupid.

Horrible drivers aren’t just putting themselves at risk to accidents, but they’re putting others at risk too. The most dreadful of drivers are those who purposely break the rules just because they think they can, or are so arrogant they believe they can do whatever they want. People like these are the reason why the road isn’t safe.

So if you know these little hints that indicate that someone is a horrible driver, you would be able to tell which car you’re not supposed to go near. After all, driving anywhere near people like these is like going closer to a fire. For your safety, avoid displaying any of these tips and avoid people who do.

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