​ 10 Most Common Reasons Why Backup Cameras Do Not Work

Backup cameras are used in many cars to improve the visibility while driving in reverse. Most of the drivers face problem while reversing the car. Backup cameras work really great for these cars by offering them a better view about what’s going on behind the car. These types of cameras can help drivers to avoid accidents and loss of the car. But, if you are facing problem with your car and looking for an answer for "why is my backup camera not working", here are some reasons that your backup camera can cause:


Backup cameras can help drivers to avoid accidents and loss of the car.

1. The Backup Camera is Flickering

This is one of the common problems that most backup camera owners face. Many people complain that their backup camera flickers every time that start the car & put in reverse. If your monitor screen goes black & white, starts to flicker after few minutes and turns complete blue and the monitor shows nothing on the screen it can be because of loose wire connection or power shortage. You can try to restart the camera to see if it is working; otherwise you need to see the camera to an expert technician.

2. Video Not Working

This is another common problem of backup camera faced by many car owners. This problem can occur if you have not connected the camera properly. Check the manual again and try to connect it again properly. If you still can’t do that you should call a technician to do the task for you.

3. The Video is Not Clear

You might also face this problem with your backup camera. But, it is not abig problem as it can be solved easily. One of the main reasons why your backup camera might not work is if the camera has accumulated dust ordirt. So, you should check the lens of camera and clean it to get clear video.

4. My Backup Camera Does Not Work on Rainy Day

On rainy, foggy and snowy weather conditions, backup camera does not give clear visibility to the drivers. Sunset & shadowy conditions also affect backup camera badly. You have to be careful while using your backup camera on such days.

5. Backup Camera Signal Is Not Working

If your monitor is showing this message "Signal Not Working" then it might be because of the power. You need to check the power and then check the AV cable to ensure that the power is coming right. This problem canalso occur if any wire in the connection is loose. You can check all thewired equipment to ensure they are secured.

6. My Backup Camera is Working for Few Seconds

Manyusers complain that when they start their car and put on the reversegear, the video comes up for few seconds and then it starts to flicker & goes off. This problem can cause if you have wired the main powerof the camera directly from the reverse light of your car. You have toconnect it through a relay switch & the main power will come fromthe battery so that there is a constant 12V current.

7. Wiring Problem

If the reverse camera that you have bought is wired system then it can happen that it has loose wiring system and if that so, you might face problem with your backup camera. So, what you can do is trace all the wires coming out of all the equipments associated with the camera & car and ensure all are perfectly attached

8. The Monitor Screen is Not Responding

If the screen is not working then it can happen that the monitor has nopower, but if you are sure that it has power then there can be chances that it has failed. You can disconnect the monitor from the power buttonand then reconnect again.

9. The Camera is Showing Strange Menus

This problem only occurs if the software of the camera has become corrupt. You cannot resolve the problem without the help of an expert (exceptional if you are a software expert).


10. There is No Picture On the Monitor

If you can’t see any picture on the screen then give a very careful lookon the screen, if you can see a dark image on the monitor then it islikely that the backlight has failed. If this happens, you need areplacement.


These are some of the common problems that many backup camera users face. However, there can be other problems, but whatever the problem may be, you should try to resolve it by yourself or technician as soon as possible to avoid risk while driving.

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