7 Important Tips on How to Take Care of Your Car Tires

Tires are essential for your car, as you've probably already figured out. Something that's not so hard to think of is that without tires, you won't be able to move even if you have the best engine or other valuable parts in your car. One other fact is that even a car that performs badly can become better on the road if you choose the proper set of tires for your conditions. Basically, knowing the conditions in which you plan to drive your car and choosing your tires accordingly can make driving an entirely different experience. But in order to choose wisely, there are certain things you have to know.


Knowing the conditions in which you plan to drive your car and choosing your tires accordingly can make driving an entirely different experience.

A tire is literally the only part that connects a car with the road. This shows how crucial this part is for your automobile. The importance of tires can also be attributed from the fact that we keep one in spare at all times. But several times, we skip their maintenance part while we are focused on taking care of other car accessories. Taking care of your care is simpler than you might have imagined.

Below are some tips to guide you on how to take care of your car tires for the purpose of having a longer life:

1. Check the air pressure

This is the primary tip to ensure safety while driving. Incorrect tire pressures often lead to difficulties in braking and car handling. It, therefore, becomes mandatory to check the tire pressure once a month or prior to a long trip. Several individuals also check the pressure on a fortnightly basis, which is a good practice. You can also be sure that the tires have a long life if you keep a check on the pressure regularly.

2. Perform inspection of tires

Apart from checking the tire pressure, keeping a check on other factors is also necessary from the safety point of view. Make sure to check that there are no foreign objects, like screws or nails, embedded in the tire. A crack in the sidewall is another issue that should be checked regularly. If you feel any issue, don't hesitate to take the support of a professional.

3. Avoid exceeding the load capacity

Increasing the load beyond the capacity can be as dangerous as sudden destruction of the tire. Therefore, you must put the load according to the load index value of the car. Whether you are buying tires and rims online or through your trusted tire shop, make sure to learn about its load index. If you believe that load might exceed while using the car, go for a tire with higher load index.

4. Rotate tires

Do you know that rotating the tires after 6,000 - 8,000 miles can be beneficial in increasing the life of the tires? In tire rotation process, the tires and wheels are removed from the car and shifted to another position. This also ensures that all tires wear at the same time.

5. Check tire tread

At least once a month, examine the tire tread to ensure that there are no signs of wear. The tire tread protects the tires from slipping on wet roads or regions with less friction. If you feel the tire tread is not as per the standards, it is the time you get a new tire from the market.


The tire tread protects the tires from slipping on wet roads or regions with less friction.

6. Alignment

Your car is turning to extreme left or right while you are driving which is causing inconvenience for you to drive the car. This is because your car tires are unstable and it needs to be aligned appropriately. Consider taking your car to the service station to check the tires alignment and if there are some issues then consider aligning the tires properly. Properly aligned tires will deliver comfortable, convenient and safe driving experience.

7. Drive Well

The most important part to increase the life of your tires is to drive it appropriately. If your drive your car coarsely then they are probable to wear promptly. If you want to upsurge the life of your tires then avoid driving speedily. When you drive at high speed excessive heat is generated which diminishes the durability of tires. It is also recommended that avoid driving over potholes, edge of the pavement or over the curbs. If you are purchasing tires from an online store then consider visiting the best place to buy tires online.

In conclusion, if you follow the above mentioned points, then certainly your car tires will last for a longer time. Just like you regularly visit your physician, your car is also required to visit the service station. The experts can better handle your car and take all the appropriate measure to increase their durability.

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How to Take Care of Your Car Tires
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