Awesome Things Car Designers Released This Year

Hey you! Yes, you. I know how patient you have been in waiting for automotive cool stuff this year. Well, a big surprise is about to be revealed  just for car fanatics like you. Do you think car designers and fanatics only live by safeguarding their cars? Well, a part of that may be true. However, their minds are in constant search for change. There has been a lot of cool stuff that car designers conceptualized for the past years. Finally, this year,  there is a bulk of things released to satisfy a car addict’s appetite for new and awesome stuff. The following are among the amazing things that car designers recently released in the market.

1. Ginetta Rucksack

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The Ginetta Shop is always and forever a provider of the world’s  best car stuff design. This driver’s rucksack from their shop is absolutely amazing.  The design is one hundred percent original and cannot be found anywhere else in the market. Surely, the uniqueness of its design makes you very proud every time you will carry it . The heavyweight buckle that is very visible on the center of the rucksack assures you that your belongings inside are safe and guarded.

This stuff does not only look secured and durable but it has timely and functional features such as tablet and cellphone pockets.  This rucksack is definitely your good to go gear.

2. Yacht by Pininfarina

This is none of your ordinary yacht because it is designed by none other than Pininfarina.  This is a huge 85-meter-yacht that is made up of five decks. One of the most unique feature of this yacht is its twin pool. Yes, you heard it right, a twin pool probably in the middle of the deep, wide and salty ocean. This is a perfect combination.  So now, I suggest that you erase in your mindset that Pininfarina are for cars and bicycles only because just now, they prove it wrong.

3. Ferrari Racing Pencil Case

It is no simple pencil case because it is Ferrari’s. When you talk about Ferrari, you talk about excellence and business at its finest. This is among the most important stuff that a car fanatic must have to keep belongings such as pen and the likes to keep it organized. So, who says a pencil case is for school boys or girls only?  Well, not anymore, especially if it is designed by the innovative minds and skillful hands of Ferrari’s men because as everybody must know, pencil cases are for racers, too.

This Ferrari racing pencil case is highlighted by its macro zip-puller that makes opening and closing the kit hassle free. This is purely made by nylon and measures exactly at 22 centimeters long and 4 centimeters is its diameter. Its reflective profiling, the Ferrari, shield and the Ferrari logos set this pencil case apart from other pencil cases of different designers.

4. Lamborghini Blazer-Jacket

It is no more no less a lambo. It does not only come from a sophisticated and well-known designer but it also offers comfort beyond words. This blazer-jacket combination is just what a racer needs to beat the glaring heat of the sun yet exude the aura of manly poise and grace. This amazing blazer is a product of the union of ideas and labor force of Collezione Automobili Lamborghini and d’Avenza thus, you cannot question how this blazer get the interest of many. Anybody wearing this blazer will surely get a dazzling look completed by equally fitting trousers in a beautiful lamborghini car.

5. Sailing Boat by Ford

Another amazing stuff that car designers made is the sailing boat that comes from the Ford company. This sailing boat opens a door to new ideas in the field of manufacturing sailboats. Not only that these creations are indeed beautiful but they are also one of a kind. So, for fanatics out there, observe for more vital features of this sailboat.

6. Mazda Bicycle

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This is one of the newest stuff created by car designers, the mazda bicycle. This bicycle from Mazda is based on the KODO concept that aims to display nothing but the genuine and natural beauty of a bicycle. Evidently, because of the said goal, the bicycle is created in minimal structures and designs. As you can see, this Mazda bike is a picture of Mazda’s dynamism and beauty that is clearly seen in every Mazda masterpiece.

7. Electric Guitar by Ford

Isn’t this the perfect accessory for a vintage Ford car? This electric guitar created by Ford can be a very nice addition to the collection because  this will surely strum your people’s hearts away. The beauty of this guitar gives justice to the prominence of the creator’s name. However, this guitar is not only remarkable because of its creator but also because of its sleek figure and simple design. These are only some of the most attractive features of this guitar.

In the future there will surely be a lot of cool and awesome stuffs that car designers will create and consumers in the market will absolutely feast on it. Creating original, appealing and remarkable designs as car accessories or complementary design will be made harder not only because of competition but also because of the emergence of different manufacturing technologies and devices.

As a manufacturer, one must place its foot on the customers shoes. That is the only way that manufacturers will be able to assess what areas in the automotive industry needs to be saved or improved. However, customers like manufactures must also bear in mind that each creation from different manufacturers even how big or small speak so much of the company’s mission, vision and goals. As part of the customer’s league, it is inevitable that we will talk on how these cool stuffs be used effectively and wisely especially in the public’s eye.

The collections presented above are only some of the new creations that car designers released this year. Be prepared for the next batch of goodies that will surely delight your hearts.

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