Basic Car Maintenance and Why it is Necessary

Convenience is among the top benefits of owning a car, especially when traveling. A personal Car saves you the rush to catch a train or a bus. Also, having your own vehicle is less time-consuming and relatively cheaper. Just as you would take proper care of your pets or kids, your car should also be properly taken care of. This ranges from regularly checking and fixing to washing the car. Maintaining a car can be very expensive, especially when there is a repair or replacement of an essential part needed. But is regular maintenance check necessary for your car?

Auto maintenance involves bringing your car to a mechanic, similar to how you would visit your doctor for check up. It involves checking all parts of your car to ensure that it’s in good condition to cover long distances. In addition to checking, auto maintenance also repairs and even replaces broken parts to prevent accidents in future.


There are several factors that determine scheduling of your car’s auto maintenance and checks. These factors include your car’s driving condition and its model. Most car manufacturers usually set certain parameters regarding when a particular car model should be checked. These parameters often include the distance covered by the car per day, the road type used, the load weight carried, weather conditions as well as how long it is on the road. Once your mechanic has taken these parameters into consideration, your car is scheduled to be checked on a certain day.

Basic Car Maintenance and Checkups


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These are the common car maintenance and checkups that can be done at any season or day. Most of these should be done by a professional, while others can be done without the help of a mechanic. Some of the common checkups that you can do include changing oil and car wash among others. These tasks are essential and are easy to perform. Accidents resulting from mechanical errors can also be prevented through regular checking and maintenance. During a regular car maintenance, some of the areas checked include:
The windshields and the front and back lights.
The oil is changed and chassis lubricated. It is recommended that you check your oil and chassis regularly, after 3 or 4 months.
The tire pressure and seat belt locks are checked. After every 6 months, it is recommended that you inspect your breaks, brake fluid as well as tire alignment.
When needed, auto maintenance will also help identify fuel filters and air filters that should be replaced.
During the spring season, regular maintenance helps to check the air conditioner to ensure that you are in the right temperatures while driving.
Auto maintenance also ensures that your car’s automatic transmissions are checked. This should be done after driving 24,000 to 100,000 miles.
After every 5 years, you should also bring your car for auto maintenance, to flush as well as refuel the cooling system.
Seatbelts and hoses should also be replaced after every 8 years.

Car Maintenance During The Winter Season


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Winter car maintenance is essential due to the weather changes which affects the performance of your car. Most cars tend to break down or fail during the cold season, and this requires taking several precautions such as changing your oil, stocking up de-ice, inspecting the tire, coolant levels, wipers and the lights. Tuning your car regularly helps to prevent future problems that may cut short your travel plans.

Benefits of Car Maintenance


The safety of the driver is the main importance of car maintenance as it ensures that your car is in check to travel short and long distances. When using your car on a daily basis, it is very important that you keep it in good condition at all time. Previous statistics on the common causes of car accidents identified improper car care as the leading cause. Most of the reported cases were as a result of engine malfunction or even brakes failure. These could have been avoiding through regular car maintenance.

Before leaving home, it is advised that you take the time to inspect your car. Alternatively, you can find a private mechanic who will regularly come to your home to inspect your cars. Though having to go to a mechanic for maintenance may be quite costly, it is a crucial precaution that can help identify potential problems and even prevent future fatal incidents. It should never be taken lightly, but rather seriously and minor concerns should be checked and repaired immediately.

Your Car’s Durability

Regular car maintenance also plays a role in lengthening your car’s durability allowing you to enjoy its services for years. Your car maintains a good condition for years without major concerns. Most vintage car owners ensure that their cars are checked regularly since their value increases with time. This is common for limited edition series that tend to become more expensive as they get older. Taking proper care of your car keeps it in style, and you can even pass it down to your children in your old age.

Why You Should Have A Mechanic

Most people tend to attempt repairing and fixing their cars on their own. However, despite the cost, you should also consider having a professional or mechanic check and maintain the car for you. This is because they have a wide experience on cars and engines, with ample knowledge on the various parts that may need urgent attention or repair. A mechanic checks your car in depth and utilizes diagnostic tools to ensure that all parts are in check. If unsure on a good mechanic, you can ask your family members or friends to refer you to a good mechanic. They will often recommend a mechanic they can trust with their own cars.

You should avoid sending your car to a mechanic only when it develops a problem. Besides offering the regular maintenance, your mechanic can also provide preventive maintenance fixes and checks. This helps to lengthen your car’s lifespan as well as prevent potential problems in future. The importance of car maintenance outweighs the cost and it is essential to consider it to have a more durable, safe and more dependable car.

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