Watch out for Why Your Car Overheats When the AC Is On

Driving on the hot days of summer, your vehicle suddenly overheats and you do not likely utilize the AC anymore. This one not only makes you feel trouble when sitting in a hot car but also causes a couple of damage to your vehicle.


Your vehicle suddenly overheats.

Basically, we know that the AC – air-conditioning is one of the features, which can bring the comfort for the driver whatever the weather is rainy, snowy, hot, or cold.

Accordingly, once the AC occurs the issue, it will lead to overheating. To fix this, you need to know the reason why it happens. Right now, we will learn together. Go! Go! Go!

Why Does Your Car Overheat When the AC Is On?

The Vehicle Overheats – Why?

In fact, there are some of the reasons why the AC is to overheat. Frequently, there is due to…

The cooling system works in an inefficient way – This reason is the most popular when saying to an overheated vehicle.


The cooling system works in an inefficient way

The reason for this problem is simply the leakage of the radiator. You have to refill the water in a long period of time. On the other hand, the radiator tubes get corroded with time.

In spite of having the corrosion inhibitors in the coolant to help prevent the initial occurrences, it has gradually worked ineffectively. Looking at the radiator with full of debris and dirt, your overheated car is difficult to avoid.

By squirting a lowly-pressured hose via the fins, washing your radiator is easy. Keep in mind, it doesn’t absolutely utilize the high pressure because it may be damaged.

In a case of the bent fins, the air flow is able to get obstructed. At that time, it should use a flat-head screwdriver in order to mold them back the first shape. Having said that, if rusted and damaged, you can replace a new fin.

When getting the low speed, stopping in traffic, or utilizing the AC, it can lead to your overheated car.

The cause is likely owing to the airflow via the radiator, which is not enough. In a case of the non-blocked fins, you can consider fixing the faulty-assembled electric fan, fan switch, or fan clutch.

What Should I do?

Occasionally, your vehicle cannot adapt the AC gas, so it leads to cooling that is not enough. Due to lack the AC gas, it requires you to refill it.

Though a mechanic can do this one well, you likely do it yourself, by utilizing the AC gas with the pressure-measured device that is built onto them. You will remove the cap from the port with the low pressure after attaching the gauge in order to check the pressure.

When doing this, you don’t forget to run your car. It remembers to wear the safety gloves and glasses. It continues refilling the air-conditioning gas until reached the proper level (look at the gauge). Hence, it refits the cap.

Before and after refilling the gas, you have to check the temperature of the AC vents. The purpose is to ensure that it is actually cooler.

Your vehicle overheating when the air-conditioning is on is due to the airflow in the cooling system.

The air pressure is not enough for the radiator. By setting an air-pressured gauge, you may check the pressure of the radiator. If you do not have a special equipment for that, you can take it to the mechanic.

On the other hand, you can have to replace or simply clean it to regain the right pressure if a faulty part.

The coolant of the AC is not enough for your system. Or, the anti-freeze mixture is not working inefficiently. All can lead to overheating of your car.


Let’s ensure that your anti-freeze system is changed once in two years.

Let’s ensure that your anti-freeze system is changed once in two years. By this way, you can prevent the corrosion in the system as well as it lasts the usage time.

Another case is the trapped air in the coolant system, so it is not enough to cool your car engine. It is necessary to flush your system in order to fix this problem.

o Your thermostat gets malfunctioning. At that time, your car will become overheated whether it is driven at the regular speed.

The cause is likely a damaged radiator, the coolant at the lower level, the locked air, or faulty radiator cap. Like that, you should use a quality thermostat so as to fix these conditions.

Final Thoughts

View from different angles, if your car overheats when the AC is on, the first is to turn on the heater. Like that, from the coolant position, the heat will be pulled out to the ambient of your car. You could step out your vehicle to do this.

Continuously, you must turn the AC off. It lets the engine run for several minutes after turning it off.

You can try checking the problems mentioned above in order to find the right fix way. Can’t you find the issue? So, let’s take to the closest fix center. Of course, when driving to there, you must turn off the AC.

For the overheating problems, you have to follow the certain rules, in particular, utilizing the proper coolant for the type of your car, utilizing the high-quality thermostat, and avoiding using the regular water (it recommends the distilled water).

If you do not have much experience related to the mechanical field, you only need to ensure that your vehicle is serviced timely and you must recognize the signs early before everything becomes serious. Happy driving enjoy!!!

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